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May 23 2017


NATO’s image improves on both sides of Atlantic ahead of summit

Views of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have generally improved over the past year in both North America and Europe, a new survey finds, just days before a NATO summit in Brussels on…

Manchester United and Ajax prepare for their Europa League final

Manchester United and Ajax are in Stockholm for the Europa League final

Defiant North Korea says missile tests are self-defence

Defiant in the face of international condemnation, North Korea said on Tuesday that its recent missile tests are a legitimate act of self-defence by a “fully-fledged nuclear…

Russia 'brazenly' meddled in US election, says ex CIA boss

John Brennan testifies he personally warned the head of Russia's FSB security service that such meddling would hurt relations between Moscow and Washington.

Gaza struggles under blockade

The International Committee of the Red Cross has warned that Gaza is at risk of systemic collapse as it struggles on with barely any electricity.Ongoing divisions between Fatah and Hamas mean that t

NASA scrambles emergency spacewalk to repair ISS

The International Space Station has undergone urgent repairs after a critical relay box abruptly failed.

Manchester attack: social media trolls and fake news

The British Prime Minister Theresa May praised the good work of the emegency services following the Manchester attack, which occurred at the end of an Ariana Grande concert In addition, the hashtag #R

Eight-year-old Saffie Roussos among Manchester bombing victims

Children and young adults may be the largest number among the grievously injured and killed from Monday’s suspected suicide bombing in Manchester, UK.

Live from the European Business Summit

The European Business Summit is an annual forum in Brussels that attracts more than 1,500 participants from over 60 countries, including European

Apple and Nokia avoid court battle over patents

Nokia has settled its legal battle with Apple. They have made a new patent licence agreement and have also signed a fresh business deal.

Free beds and rides home - how Manchester opened its heart to fleeing fans

Free shelter, lifts and other acts of kindness offered after the deadly concert bombing ‘evoke the spirit of Manchester’, it’s been claimed.

Trump to Abbas: Peace can't take root if violence is tolerated

Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held a joint press conference after meeting on the last day of the US president’s visit to the Middle…

Explosion at Manchester concert venue: LIVE Updates

An explosion has hit the Manchester Arena where US pop singer Ariana Grande was performing Monday evening.

Eurogroup delays fresh funds to Athens

Euro zone finance ministers have failed to agree a deal with Greece which is needed to unlock the next instalment of its multi-billion euro bailout.

Several fatalities reported after blast at pop concert in Manchester

British police have said there have been “number of fatalities” at a pop concert venue in the northern city of Manchester Witnesses described a huge blast as people were leaving the Manchester Arena

Venezuelan health workers march against Maduro

Hundreds of medics protest at Venezuela's deteriorating healthcare system and medical shortages, blaming President Maduro

May 22 2017


Catalan independence: stalemate

Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont is reported to have prepared a law of secession from Spain to be enacted if the region is prevented from holding an independence referendum.Spanish Prime Minis

Flynn 'pleads fifth' in Senate's 'Russian meddling' probe

Sacked White House national security advisor, Michael Flyyn has refused to hand over files to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Protests and violence around Jerusalem

A Palestinian was shot dead as he attempted a suspected knife-attack on Israeli forces just kilometres from where the US President's was visiting Jerusalem's Old City.Meanwhile, a general strike was

The Corner: all good things come to an end

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