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February 08 2018


Curling opens competition at Winter Olympics

Mixed doubles curling is one of four new events at PyeongChang 2018

February 07 2018


How Russian businessmen are overcoming bans on EU food imports

A sanctions war has left many Russian consumers wanting when it comes to their favourite French cheeses. But Russian businessmen have overcome the restrictions by hauling in goats from France.

Institutions across Europe welcome the German government’s new coalition deal

The European Commissioner for economic and financial affairs said the deal was good news for Germany, but also for the European Union.

The fate of 47 Russian athletes hoping to take part in the Winter Olympics still uncertain

The decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport could come as late as Friday, just hours before the Olympics open.

Corsica may feature in the French constitution

French President Emmanuel Macron said he was open to adding a specific mention of Corsica in the French Constitution, but rejected other demands by the island's nationalist leaders

Belgium is (slowly) sterilising all its cats

European nation is the first country in the world to take the measure to avoid overpopulation.

European Parliament axes vice president over Nazi jibe

Polish MEP Ryszard Czarnecki has been ousted after a comment comparing a fellow MEP to a wartime informer denouncing Jews to the Nazis.

Which European commuters spend the most time in traffic jams?

Some EU motorists spent three full days stuck in traffic in 2017.

Musk launch will herald new era of space co-operation

Experts believe Elon Musk's successful launch of the world's largest rocket will open up opportunities for space agencies around the world

Brits in the Netherlands seek ECJ ruling over post-Brexit citizenship

The British plaintiffs are hopeful that an Amsterdam court will refer their case about exactly what defines EU citizenship to the European Court of Justice.

Why did US stocks plunge and how does it affect Europe in 2018?

Economists explain to Euronews why the US stock market dropped on Tuesday and how it might recover from this record fall.

Billionaire Musk successfully launches world's largest rocket

The world's most powerful rocket roared into space in another milestone for entrepreneur Elon Musk's private rocket service.

Trump touts plans for US military parade

Impressed by France's Bastille Day celebrations the US president now wants his own show

Germany's conservatives and Social Democrats 'agree' coalition government deal

Gruelling overnight talks between the leaders of the conservative CDU and the centre-left SPD in Germany appear to have succeeded, with the two

Game of Thrones writers promise new Star Wars movies

Writers say will start project once GoT ends in 2019, and that movies will be all-new and unconnected with rest of Star Wars universe.

Taiwan earthquake: Children rescued from tilted building

Amateur video shows the rescue of two children from the wreckage of a collapsed building in the wake of a 6.4-magnitude earthquake.

Transport chaos as Paris snowbound

Stranded commuters express anger at rail cancellations and uncleared roads.

Portugal police snatch substance set to make millions of ecstasy pills

Around 4.5 tons of BMK has been seized after a joint operation involving Dutch and Belgian authorities

Leaked document says EU will 'punish' UK if it breaks rules

Member states insist on powers of quick sanction should Britain bend rules during Brexit transition period.

Search is on for missing people after Taiwan earthquake

Aftershocks hampering search teams looking for some 145 people still missing.
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