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April 23 2017


Polls open in tightly-fought French election

Eleven candidates are vying for presidency in this first round of voting.

April 22 2017


French unions and associations hold their own "first round"

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Paris calling for politicians to heed the voice of ordinary citizens.

France's overseas territories begin voting in presidential ballot

Early voting has begun in France’s overseas territories for the first round of the country’s most closely-fought presidential race in decades.

Wives march through Paris in anger of police officer shooting

The women held banners reading "too young to be widows".

Italian cycling champion Michele Scarponi killed in road accident

The sporting world is mourning the death of the Italian cycling champion Michele Scarponi.

New footage shows diners taking cover during Paris shooting

The footage of the attack, which left one police officer dead and two others wounded, was taken inside a restaurant close to the scene.

UN - Sarin was used in Syria attack

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro said most of the victims in the attack were killed with conventional and not chemical weapons during an airstrike on a hospital.

US will honour Obama's "dumb" refugee deal with Australia

Vice President Mike Pence said the US would accept the agreement out of respect to its alliance with Australia.

US judge puts Volkswagen on three-year probation for diesel scandal

A US federal judge has sentenced Volkswagen to three years’ probation and independent monitoring over the diesel emissions scandal.

San Francisco suffers large power cut for several hours

San Francisco was hit by a massive power cut on Friday that severely disrupted life in the American west coast city.

'Enough is enough', Sessions tells US sanctuary cities protecting migrants

The US Attorney General has warned America’s so-called “sanctuary cities” protecting immigrants from potential deportation that “enough is enough”.

April 21 2017


Mexico probe into suspected student massacre 'has stalled'

A human rights group says the investigation into the disappearance of 43 student teachers in 2014 has failed to make significant progress for 16 months.

Qatari hostages in Iraq freed after 16 months

Twenty-six Qatari hostages, including members of the ruling family, were freed on Friday after being held by gunmen in Iraq for over a year, officials say.

Fatal shooting at Russian FSB office

ISIL claims responsibility for the attack but Moscow suspects a local neo-Nazi.

South Africa bus crash kills 19 children

At least 19 children and their driver were killed in a minibus crash, trapped inside the burning vehicle.

Russia: North Korea border troop movements 'our business'

Russia is denying reports that it has been moving troops to the border with North Korea amid heightened regional tension, despite contradictory accounts from local…

Taliban kill dozens at Afghan army HQ

Taliban fighters wearing government army uniforms killed and wounded dozens of Afghan soldiers when they stormed a military base in Mazar-i-Sharif, in the country's north.

Champs Elysees gunman had heavy police history but was not on terror watchlist - prosecutor

The Champs Elysees gunman who killed one cop and wounded two others had a heavy police record but was not on France's terror watch list, the Paris prosecutor said.

Investors cautious ahead of too-close-to-call French election

France's CAC40 underperformed other European indexes on Friday with investors cautious ahead of the first round of the presidential election.

Desperate Venezuelans flee to Brazil, straining border town

As the economic and political turmoil deepens in Venezuela, more and more people are fleeing the country and heading to Brazil.
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